Exhibition Opportunities

It is true that whether you sell traditional books or the latest in electronic reading devices, the better you know your customer – and the better your customer knows you – the more likely you are to make that first sale and the increasingly profitable sales that follow.

Exhibitions are more about relationship-building than selling a product. They are the most explicit form of direct marketing. When it comes to the total quantity of a marketing interaction, nothing holds a candle to exhibitions.

Exhibitions have a number of advantages over other media. They are powerful tools for:

  • Bringing your customers and most active prospects to you
  • Meeting pre-qualified prospects
  • Allowing you to meet your market face-to-face
  • Allowing you to demonstrate products, answer questions and overcome objections
  • Using all five senses to communicate a message
  • Representing the marketplace in one place and time, bringing together suppliers, buyers, purchase influencers, consultants and media

Exhibitions also produce tangible results, making it easy to measure the medium return on investment.The LIASA 18th Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 will provide companies, book sellers and publishers with an opportunity to participate in their exclusive exhibition, focussed on the Information society

Confirmed Exhibitors